Real coal as cargo

The charcoal mock-up in my bulk freight cars from LGB looks very fake.
So I decided to remove them and fill it with real coal.
Of course, I don’t want to fill the whole car with coal.

First, they got some hard coal and knocked it with the pointed end of the hammer.
The size of the coal pieces must be determined by everyone.

Then I got balance weights of kart cars in Ebay.
I have a total of 80gr. glued to the floor. The weight is left to everyone’s discretion.
Something should be clean so that the centre of gravity of the wagon is not too high.

Now cut the width and length of the inner dimension from 1cm Styrodur so that the upper edge of Styrodur is at least 1cm thick. 1cm to the top of the wagon.
To prevent the middle part from bending, it must be supported as shown.

The polystyrene part is now inserted.

Pouring coal on the light ground is not optimal. It is therefore advisable to paint the whole black.

Now you can fill in the desired amount of coal.
This is glued with waterproof wood glue. You can dilute it a little bit, but not too much!

This looks like it’s done:

ou can’t see any more of the wood glue!