About me


I am born in the year 1965, a trained electromechanical engineer and have been working for many years (and continuing) at Massoth Elektronik GmbH as an ITLer and CAD Layouter.
Some will also know me through Massoth decoder installation trainings.
Besides, I have my company since 2006 EDV-Helferlein.

My hobby are model railways in the area of the G-Gauge (Garden railway), theme USA Logging railroad and Big Diesel.
Therefore, I am also co-founder of the Interessengemeinschaft Griesheim Gartenbahner e.V.
A club in Griesheim with a large attachment (400m rails), which has set itself the objective, in bringing the youth back to this beautiful hobby.

Since I see again and again that in Germany are too few dealers that makes Loco retrofits and service, I have thought to fill a gap here.
I hope you make use of it and I look forward to your inquiries.

The business relationship between Massoth and Peters-Lokservice is absolutely transparent and is known to management.
No orders are forwarded directly to me, but at every inquiry in the house Massoth the customer gets a list of dealers who make the locomotives, with which I am also listed.
The customer then decides where he would like to make the conversion.