Thanks to many years of experience in the field of model railway, I am able to convert your G-Gauge material.

I offer:

  • Repairs of Locomotives
  • Repairs of Waggons
  • Retrofit of Locomotives
  • Any kind of digitization of your locomotives
    You can purchase all electronic items directly from me!
  • Installation of lighting in your wagons
  • Now new! Custom additional sounds for your Massoth decoder

The feasibility of the conversions must always be passed through individually.
We can only set the price here very roughly, an exact cost estimate follows.
If we have agreed, send the locomotive to me and I will first make a check-in of the goods. All existing damages will be recorded and you will be informed.

After reviewing the material, I’ll make you a final estimate again.
This costs 20 euros. When placing the order, the cost estimate does not have to be paid.
Only after your approval will I begin the work.
If the conversion finished images are made again.

All parts that I need to order must be paid in advance!
When the order finishes I send you pictures / videos of the conversion, you then pay the remaining amount of the conversion costs + shipping.
Only after complete payment, the return is to you!

A deviation from these conditions is not possible!

The transport company is liable for transport damage.

I do not sell Massoth articles without conversion orders directly to end customers!
Only what is needed in the course of a conversion can be ordered by me.


Installation of coal brushesin a lumber train gearbox


Installation of a XLS Decoder in a Ludmilla Loco


Selfmade lower car Waggon US


3D CAD Construction of the Waggon